Selected Publications


"the valley of its making" Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day (April 12, 2017)

"when i say Chicago" Chicago Magazine (March, 2017)

"Oregon Trail" POETRY Magazine (December, 2015)

“on caskets” POETRY Magazine (April, 2015)

“buying new shoes” RHINO Poetry (Spring, 2015)

“1st love song to the black girl at smart camp” The Journal (Winter, 2015)

“granddaddy was the neighborhood” and “Harold’s Chicken Shack #1” Fjords Review (February, 2015)

“directions” “off white” “picking flowers” and “cut” Connotation Press: An Online Artifact (January 2015)

“pronounce” South Side Weekly (August, 2014)

“in the event of my demise” Chicago Literati (June 2014)

“rap life” Radius Lit (February, 2014)
“church in the wild” The COLLAGIST (Spring, 2014)
 “GDN ‘til the world blow” Union Station Magazine (Spring, 2014)
“holding it” Union Station Magazine (Spring, 2014)
 “Chicago high school love letters” Beloit Poetry Journal (Spring, 2014)
“prelude” Anti- Magazine (Winter, 2013)
“Harold’s Chicken Shack #35” [PANK] Online Magazine (December 2013)
“palindrome” Nashville Review (Fall 2013)
“postlude: the day ______ died” Side B Magazine (Winter, 2013)
“praise song” POETRY Magazine (October, 2013)
 “god made the hundreds, man made it wild” Muzzle Magazine (December, 2012)
“The Blast” Muzzle Magazine (December, 2012)
“Super Tuesday” [Audio] Nashville Review (Fall, 2012)
“rahm’s first word” Vinyl Magazine (March, 2012)


"Gwendolyn Over Everything: Specificity, Humanity, and Class in 'Beverly Hill, Chicago'" American Poets (April, 2017)

"Blueprint for BreakBeat Writing" POETRY Magazine (April, 2015)

“When you can’t love in public: the black boys plea in ‘Chicago high school love letters,’” Beloit Poetry Journal’s Poet’s Forum (April, 2014)

“A Code Switch Memoir” Poetry Foundation’s Harriet Blog (October, 2013)